Paul has helped us here at Brookside Livery and at Little Bradley ‘Hall Farm’ stables immensely over the last six months.
He is an Australian horseman who has worked with and owned horses of all kinds his entire life. His general knowledge and knowledge of their psychology is awe inspiring and a pleasure to watch. If any clinics in the future are run by Paul I would recommend attending.
He has a multi-dimensional global approach to problems ranging from loading and any ground difficulties through to ridden problems.
He has given his clients confidence and the tools to continue with their progress, giving 110% if not more to all his clients.
Most importantly he has rekindled all his client’s love of their horses and their passion in the horse world at Brookside Livery and Little Bradley ‘Hall Farm’ stables whether it be happy hacking, eventing, dressage, show jumping or cross country etc.
I would highly recommend Paul and will certainly ask for his help again at Brookside/Little Bradley ‘Hall Farm’ Stables in the future.