For me, the love of horses and working with them is a joy in life. Working with problem horses becomes a nice challenge, they come from all walks of life. I have over forty years of experience.


Mitch was an ex bucking horse from the Rodeo circuit. He was a well bred quarter horse. We turned Mitch around to be a solid working cow horse and rope horse. He went on to win both events.


My passion is to bring thoroughbreds after their racing career back into work. I have retrained them for dressage, eventing, show horses and general riding horses.

Striker came to me with a problem of bucking and kicking his owners. Striker was a challenge. He finally came around and became a great polocrosse horse.


Bucko was brought to me from my father. He bought him at Rockhampton quarter horse sale with some issues from a trainer who was prepping him for a Futurity. He had been successfully bucking the trainer off. After settling in, and with retraining, he went on to win Cutting events.


I started and trained two year old Peppy for a Futurity event. He was a finalist at the NCHA Futurity and went on to win Non-Pro Cutting events.