20 Nov 2016

Jerry: Standard Bred Trotter

Jerry was let go by his last trainer because there were numerous opinions that he had a stifle problem, this was inferred because he could not get on the right lead. The owner approach me to see if I could help out, we requested a vet check to confirm he had no stifle issue.

The issue was he simply did not know how to pick up a right lead, this was because during his trotting career he was trained and raced to continually run off his left lead/leg on the track. Once he retired and was asked to lead to the right side, he couldn’t because he was never taught. To fix this problem we simply went back to basics by re-educating him to pick up on the right lead and reduce his hollowing out tendencies.

Jerry’s life was saved, his owner Linda and Jerry are now off competing in Dressage events.



20 Nov 2016

Zanton: The Irish Draught

A big strong horse from Ireland, I watched this horse go through three trainers, successfully dislodging all three at various stages and injuring one of them seriously. Some of the previous training techniques were suspect and created fear in the horse, an emotion that was passed onto his owners.

I was finally asked if I would like to train the horse. I hate to see a horse discarded when every issue or flaw can be fixed. As you can now see in the video, he is a pleasure to ride.

After he left Seco Training Stables, he went on to compete in Hunting and Eventing.

20 Oct 2016

Savannah: Eventing

This is a typical mare, her issues are a result of owner faults. She is an Eventing horse and is naturally gifted, her flaws began to appear when she was purchased by an amateur rider, both horse and rider lost their way as the new rider began to loose confidence in herself and the horse.

The mare refused to jump and go forward, she rejected the bridle, and began to buck. Eventually after taking to much negative training  she totally shut down when being ridden.

As you will see in the video after the first week of re-education at the Seco Training Stables she was a different horse and was a joy to ride, her flaws had disappeared through my re-education techniques and she was accepting of rider once again.